Making Sense of Poverty in America

In a recent report issued by the Department of Economic Security, the parameters of homelessness in Arizona were investigated in great detail.  For the Homeward Bound Board Members and Staff, the findings reaffirmed the invaluable role that transitional housing and comprehensive social services play in combating poverty and domestic violence – two of the most detrimental societal “diseases.”

In 2011, 19,271 adults and 5,685 children experienced homelessness.  Of those, 30% were facing homelessness for the first time due to job loss, foreclosure or eviction, a direct reflection on the state of the current economy.  While shelter stays are helpful and necessary for the emergency relief of homelessness, the median cost of services used by an un-housed chronically homeless person is $4,066/month whereas ones provided with transitional housing use an average of $1,492/month in services after 6 months and only $968/month after 12 months.

Beyond statistics, however, is the idea that combining transitional housing with supportive counseling, life skills training and child care specializing in early intervention and therapeutic services sets a family on a path toward confidence and self-reliance.  We are no longer looking for temporary fixes, we are looking to find solutions that yield positive returns and maintain longevity. 

In recognition of Poverty in America Awareness Month, we sincerely thank our generous donors, volunteers and friends for their support whether it be through financial contributions, in-kind goods and services, or simply by paying attention to our blog and Facebook posts.  We had many successful accomplishments in 2011 and hope to continue forward with increased homeownership and job stability for our clients while we spread awareness of our mission.  Your belief in all we do means a new beginning for our families. 

For more information and statistics on poverty in Arizona, please visit:



About Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a 12-to-24-month transitional housing program that assists families with children to achieve long-term self-sufficiency and break the cycles of homelessness, welfare and domestic violence. In addition to housing, Homeward Bound provides case management, employment assistance, mental health counseling, and life skill classes including budgeting, parenting, and home maintenance. Homeward Bound also provides affordable childcare to client families. Homeward Bound is a nationally recognized program designed for families willing to work toward repairing their lives and becoming self-sufficient. Homeward Bound is a "hand up, not a handout."
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