Allison Micheletti – National Inspirational Role Models Month

Homeward Bound recently spent a night movin’ and groovin’ – literally.  With a KidBop CD playing in the background, fifteen young girls danced, sang, played games and talked about their hopes and dreams with golf pro Allison Micheletti.  The theme of the night was “Girl Power” and the self-esteem from these often fragile girls was high. 

Recognizing that young girls are pressured every day to make both good and bad choices, Allison reached out to Homeward Bound and asked to facilitate a workshop for some of the agency’s children.  Her hope was to empower them to believe in themselves and stay focused on their goals.  Keeping with the theme of breaking cycles of homelessness and domestic violence, Allison asked each of them about what they want to be when they grow up and gave them her own personal tips for success.

The night was rounded out by fun team-building exercises, including the creation and untangling of a human knot and getting-to-know-you games. Ping pong made its way to the activity list as did the challenge to build a house out of playing cards.  The girls were rewarded with different prize donations, such as bath and body products and treasure boxes filled with treats and toys.    

So there you have it – fifteen little girls who hope to become doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, teachers and actresses someday were given a little encouragement and the powerful message that if you can dream it, you really can do it.  We are grateful to Allison and look forward to her next motivational workshop with our young girls.  She is a true example of an inspirational role model for children.


About Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a 12-to-24-month transitional housing program that assists families with children to achieve long-term self-sufficiency and break the cycles of homelessness, welfare and domestic violence. In addition to housing, Homeward Bound provides case management, employment assistance, mental health counseling, and life skill classes including budgeting, parenting, and home maintenance. Homeward Bound also provides affordable childcare to client families. Homeward Bound is a nationally recognized program designed for families willing to work toward repairing their lives and becoming self-sufficient. Homeward Bound is a "hand up, not a handout."
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