Eat Better, Eat Together

We live in a society that is constantly on the go; all of us can attest to this.  Meals are eaten in the car and catered by the likes of McDonald’s and Subway.  The sit-down dinners so typical of the Leave it to Beaver days are, well, antiquated. 

But here at Homeward Bound, our Kids Corner Learning Center is showing us that the days of politely passing the butter and chatting about our lives are not quite over.  The Family-Style Dining Service is teaching our children and their families the value of breaking bread together.

The staff members at the Kids Corner Learning Center have been working with the children on such tasks as setting the table, politely asking their peers to pass the potatoes, and helping clean up once they are finished.  They are learning about healthy food choices and are growing more excited by the day to share their knowledge at home with their own families.

It seems as though the tables may have just turned.  As their busy parents toy with what take-out food to order, these youngsters are requesting family dinner that they make together and share together.  Our five-year olds are certainly teaching their moms and dads a thing or two about family values and quality time. 

Our families are eating healthier, conversing more, and remembering the importance of good manners.  Most importantly, they are spending more time together.  They say everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten – or maybe FROM a kindergartner.  There may just be some truth to that.


About Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a 12-to-24-month transitional housing program that assists families with children to achieve long-term self-sufficiency and break the cycles of homelessness, welfare and domestic violence. In addition to housing, Homeward Bound provides case management, employment assistance, mental health counseling, and life skill classes including budgeting, parenting, and home maintenance. Homeward Bound also provides affordable childcare to client families. Homeward Bound is a nationally recognized program designed for families willing to work toward repairing their lives and becoming self-sufficient. Homeward Bound is a "hand up, not a handout."
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